The Car

Vehicle Weight

(including driver)

Top speed

294+ KPH (182+ MPH)
0-100KMP: 3.4 seconds

Steering Wheel

Steering wheel with MoTec mini-dash LCD display, LED gearshift light module and all driver controls


V8 Holden Motorsport Engine


Estimated 635+ BHP limited to maximum 7500rpm

Fuel Capacity


2023 Dewalt Camaro Supercar

Rear Suspension

Supercar Championship-designed control Independent Rear Suspension (IRS), coil over adjustable rear dampers

Rear Brakes

AP four-piston Supercar Championship control brake callipers, AP 355mm Supercars Championship control rotors


Racetech FIA specification carbon fibre



18 x 12-inch aluminium control wheel


Dunlop Sport Soft and Super Soft tyre



X Trac 6 speed sequential transaxle


AP Racing triple-plate carbon 7 1/4-inch


Front brakes

Control pedal box, AP six-piston Supercars Championship control calliper, AP 395mm Supercars Championship control rotors

Front suspension

Double-wishbone suspension with coil over spring adjustable dampers

Driver Safety

  • Stilo Helmet
  • Race suit double layer flame resistant driving suit
  • Flame resistant underwear made of nomex (Socks, balaclava, long johns)
  • Cool suit tubes that have water pumped in to them.
  • HANS Device prevents head from drastic movement on impact
  • Race boots made of nomex and high grip rubber