14 January 2019

Orrcon Steel come on board as a personal sponsor


Thursday, January 10, 2019 - 14:26 

Orrcon Steel and Metalcorp are pleased to continue links with Supercars driver Mark “Frosty” Winterbottom for the 2019 Supercars season.

Mark is the 2013 Bathurst winner and 2015 Supercar Champion Driver. He decided to leave the Tickford Racing team in December to join Holden-powered Irwin Racing in 2019.

Orrcon Steel’s longstanding sponsorship with Tickford Racing, previously ProDrive and Ford Performance Racing was not renewed at the end of the current term.

Orrcon Steel and Metalcorp National Sales and Marketing Manager Lester Kirkwood said, “Whilst we are disappointed we couldn’t continue the level of sponsorship with Tickford Racing, we are delighted to continue our relationship with “Frosty” in 2019. 

“Not only is Mark a highly skilled driver, he’s been a great ambassador for Orrcon Steel. He’s always been generous with his time for our customers and team members and is one of the most engaging speakers. We now have the opportunity to link him more directly with Metalcorp Steel, which is our regional brand,” Mr Kirkwood said.

Mark has been linked with Orrcon Steel since the beginning of his Supercar career, creating one of the longest sponsor relationships in V8 motorsport history.

Mark has been an integral part of Orrcon Steel and Metalcorp’s customer engagement program over the last 14 years.

The 2019 Supercars season kicks off in Adelaide on February 28.

Mark Winterbottom will be driving Car 18 in 2019 and hopes to return to the front of the group. 

"Thank you Orrcon Steel and Metalcorp for all your support. Let's hit the track and get some results," he said.


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