SKYCITY Triple Crown Darwin 400

Race results

Hidden Valley, Darwin

20-22 June 2014

  • Qual 6th
  • Race 17 6th
  • Qual 2 4th
  • Race 18 6th
  • Qual 3 10th
  • Race 19 1st
Championship 1st

This is a very fast circuit with the longest straight in the series, taking up 1.1km of the circuit's 2.9 km length. The actual circuit layout is not overly difficult, but the tropical heat - even in mid winter, makes this without a doubt one of the toughest races on the calendar. I won this round last year and have had some great races in Darwin, so it is up there with my best.

Track summary

Race map of Hidden Valley
  • Track Length 2.9km
  • Best Position 1st (2023)

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