Tasmania Drivers View

19 April 2017

Read Mark's thoughts on his weekend in Tasmania


Mark Winterbottom – #5 The Bottle-O PRA Ford:
“Tassie is one of my favourites. It’s always been kind result wise but I just want to get back on track. When you’re had a bad couple of runs, the only way to fix it is to get back on track so I can’t wait. This is our chance to turn it around and compete where I know we can. We know how to race at this track and we know how to set the car up there too so I don’t have any concerns.”

Mark Winterbottom – #5 The Bottle-O PRA Ford:
Qualifying: 10th – 58.17s
Race 3: 7th
“We did one lap effectively so it was disappointing because I think we made good gains with the car. It’s a bit weird because you want to race and we really only did one lap and it was classified as a finish. To make up three spots in one lap was good but it kind of leaves you a bit deflated because we wanted to race.”

Mark Winterbottom – #5 The Bottle-O PRA Ford:
Practice 1: 9th – 51.54s
Practice 2: 8th – 51.10s
“The braking was really good today. It was really cool to have my braking confidence back and that now means that we can start working on the car which is great because previously I couldn’t brake and it caused lots of dramas. It was a little bit slow down the straight for whatever reason so we need to tidy that up overnight and tune it up a little bit. With stopping I’m a lot more confident and it makes me look forward to hopping in the car which is a good thing.”

Mark Winterbottom – #5 The Bottle-O PRA Ford:
Qualifying: 12th – 59.22s
Race 3: 13th
“Today was disappointing. We didn’t quite have the speed that we needed to keep up with the top five guys and then we were forced to stack at the pit stop behind Cam so that was pretty much our day done from there. The hit from behind didn’t help but you just have to get on with it. There are a few things to look at before Phillip Island but these tracks are very similar so we’ll see how we go.”



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