Australian Grand Prix

Race results

Albert Park, Victoria

15-18 March 2012

  • Qual 2nd
  • Shootout 1st
  • Race 1 1st
  • Race 2 1st
  • Race 3 5th
Championship 4th

The home of the Australian round of the Formula One World Championship since 1996, the 5.3 km Albert Park circuit is a public road during the year, but you couldn't find a more purpose built temporary racing circuit anywhere in the world. This can be traced to the circuit's origins as a Grand Prix track during the 60's, circling Melbourne's iconic Albert Park lake. With top speeds exceeding 250kph and a number hard braking tight turns, the circuit has a tendency to produce very good V8 Supercar races.

Pre-race report

14 March 2012

Melbourne Grand Prix here we come, the FPR cars struggled with the long high speed corners of Albert Park last year, so if we can overcome that this year we will be very happy. The racing will be mixed up with a new format and the use of soft and hard tyres open to be used in qualifying and any race, but there are only 3 sets of softs. It will be interesting to see what strategy works.

Post-race report

18 March 2012

Very happy with the overall result, three race wins and a fifth position gave me a two point advantage over Van Gis to win the AGP. I struggled to get off the pole position F1 grid lines were so slippery. Very happy to have a competitive car and for the $100,000 prize money to go back in to the team. Looking forward to a Championship round at Tas in two weeks time.

Track summary

Race map of Albert Park
  • Track Length 5.303km
  • Best Position 1st (2015)

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