SKYCITY Triple Crown

Race results

Hidden Valley, Darwin

18-20 June 2010

  • Qual 5th
  • Shootout 1st
  • Race 1 1st
  • Qual 2 3rd
  • Race 2 2nd
Championship 5th

This is a very fast circuit with the longest straight in the series, taking up 1.1km of the circuit's 2.9 km length. The actual circuit layout is not overly difficult, but the tropical heat - even in mid winter, makes this without a doubt one of the toughest races on the calendar. I won this round last year and have had some great races in Darwin, so it is up there with my best.

Pre-race report

18 June 2010

Off to Darwin in the morning and cant wait. I have had two test days in this break and i really think my car will be back on the pace. The whole team have worked really hard and Campbell Little has designed some great items which are now on the car. I can't wait to hit the track and have a big crack at getting FPR their first race win for 2010. Hang in there guys there's light at the end of the tunnel. Bring it on!

Post-race report

20 June 2010

P2 in the race, it was a great race towards the end and a lot of fun passing cars on my soft tyres, we weren't far away from P1, i hope it was good to watch on tv. We have made huge gains with the car and we will tune it more. It feels good to have a consistent weekend, this is where we should be. Bring on Townsville.